Danni Starr

Danni Starr is an empath, national media personality, mental health advocate, activist and author. Currently you can hear her weekly as host of the Empathy and Eyebrows podcast.  You can also catch Danni breaking news and giving you tips, tricks and what’s trending on the TLC network as host of TLCme Now.

In her decade-long professional career, she has amassed an impressive amount of experience and used her media platform to help people and advocate for important causes. Danni recognized early on that she had an opportunity to reach a large number of people and has brilliantly used her position to create positive change in individuals and in her community.

She started as an intern at a local radio station at the age of 19 and worked her way up to a coveted morning radio show, all while completing a degree in Communications at St. Catherine University. Upon graduating magna cum laude in May 2008, Danni realized that, although a media personality by trade, her heart continuously gravitated toward social work, advocacy and activism.

As doors were opening in the media world, Danni looked for every chance she could to further the common good. She was a spokesperson for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and dedicated her year of service as Miss Minnesota to championing her platform, “invest in the youth of today, secure a better tomorrow.”  She was a national spokesperson for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign and even asked to be the keynote speaker for their national conference.

The most life-changing and profound catalyst in her activism has been her diagnosis of postpartum depression and anxiety.  After fighting her own battle, she chose to have a positive impact on others. She fought to stabilize her mental health, navigating a daunting health care system to connect to the people and resources she needed. Her problem-solving skills, resourceful approach and can-do/WILL DO attitude surely prepared her for her own battle. She was on a popular morning show in Washington DC throughout this time and was a beacon of light and information to other women in her position. Once she was on her own path to healing, her focus shifted to helping others. She has answered hundreds, if not thousands, of emails from women seeking guidance or understanding. She was in a documentary about postpartum mood disorders, spoke on Capitol Hill about her experiences, recorded a podcast, and has done several interviews for magazines all in an effort to dispel myths, minimize the feelings of isolation and stigma, and give hope to women and their partners.

Her postpartum advocacy caught the attention of The Office of Women’s Health which named her an ambassador.  In 2017 she was recognized as ambassador of the year. She lists her greatest accomplishments as being the best mom possible to her two daughters, surviving postpartum depression and writing her first book, Empathy and Eyebrows.