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Danni & Social Media

Do you think Danni should give up on social media?  Or is that extreme?  How could she create some boundaries with social media platforms?  What are your thoughts and feelings about social media and what it brings into your life?

Hi everyone,

I don't think Danni should get rid of social media, HOWEVER I totally get what she's saying about the toxicity that exists in social media platforms.  I too, have found myself pulling back from social media lately because I use it as a distraction from stress, but yet I then compare myself to everything and everyone.  I think it would be great if Danni could keep some aspect of social media, but create some boundaries to protect her energy.  Having the platform as a tool to promote her brand is so important and I feel like part of what makes Danni, Danni is the fact that she is a real person who shares her life to help others.  I'm sure the sharing is hard because it opens her up to others' opinions and negativity.  I'm wondering if there are ways to create boundaries with the comments, DMs and other communication coming in regularly.

So I've been following Danni since she was on the Kane Show.  She was always my favorite one on the show, and once she left I no longer listened to the show.  I have not read her book yet but I really want and need too.  So since leaving the show I have been following her on social media so I wouldn't want her to leave it, because I love the updates on smoochie and munchie.  But at the same time I totally understand her wanting to take a step back from it.  I think I need to do the same thing because I feel like I depend on it too much.  I mean I wake up and the first thing I do is scroll through, and then I'm comparing others lives to me and it is just not healthy.  So whatever she decides to do I am behind her 100%! Love ya girl!

I say that if YOU think that social media is stealing your joy, or think you would have a more fulfilling life without it, take a break or a "social media cleanse." Play around with the idea, because your happiness is so important and your peace is sacred. Do a 30 day social media detox, see how you feel after. If you notice a positive change, then yes take it away, and hire a professional to run your platform for your brand. Who's to say the you cant do a monthly update, because at the end of the day you and all that you share are what make you who you are and are part of your brand also (in my opinion).

If you feel like "okay I can actually balance my life and have social media" then keep it, manage it in a way that works for you.

I am so with you though on this dilemma. I am ashamed to admit this, but my freaking average screen time for last week was 8 HOURS. THATS A FREAKING WORK DAY FOR ME! And I cant lie, I was watching that Jussie Smollett case and Jordyn Woods scandal like a hawk. And thats 8 hours I could have dedicated to myself. Im so disgusted in myself. I have a problem and the idea of this cleanse sounds pretty good to me. I may join you if you do that, lol.

To me, it comes down to what serves us and what doesn’t and that is so fluid. Danni, what do you get from your social media platforms? Do you find yourself being more stressed or unhappy? Is it a mix of both positive and negative emotions when you use social media? I love the idea of a cleanse to start with if you are feeling like social media is having a negative impact on you. Yes, you do help others with your unfiltered thoughts but in order to continue to help others, you have to be emotionally capable of doing so. If you are continuously being verbally abused by crazy people who think that you aren’t a real human being or you just feel blah after using the platforms, then you have to protect your well-being.

I also understand that you use social media to promote advocacy, this program, etc. so if you do want to keep your accounts active, you could change your social media accounts to business accounts. You could also put something in the bio area that you do not read or respond to DMs and if something is important, folks should contact you by email or whatever your preferred form of contact is. That way, you don’t have to actually read anything voa DMs and you’ve stated that up front.

I would say that if you don’t want to keep social media though, you could continue to use your website to post info and maybe have folks subscribe to your blogs. The followers who want the best for you and who resonate with you will follow you and the haters hopefully won’t. Not to mention that you still have Sarah Fraser and others who I’m sure would be more than happy to continue to promote for you if you do step away from social media.

My advice is to do what feels right to you. Everything will fall into place as it should and if you aren’t resolved with your decision after a period of time, then change it. Whatever decision you make doesn’t have to be permanent.