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I am trying to rediscover what I want in my life. I am looking forward to a shift, change etc. So much has happened in my life that has altered my perspective on love, life, etc. I think I need to really focus on my inner peace. Finding my own happiness- not contingent on other people. I feel like I am starting over and I really feel like I need to. The happiness journey is something I am ready to embark on. I am thinking about dating myself. Like taking myself out to movies, food etc. Remembering my own magic. Anybody have any ideas for me?

Hi Danni!

I am constantly reflecting on my own happiness and what makes me happy because I feel like so many times I forget to actually breathe and focus on me.  I am literally non-stop with kids, work, social life, and my bf in Florida and it feels like I don't get a chance to even chill for 5 minutes, let alone think about what happiness even means to me outside of all of those things.

I've been through a lot and I carry some scars because of it and I feel like sometimes my past does creep up on me and cause me to think a certain way about myself or fear the future.  It's hard because I've pretty much only known drama and heartache.  At this point I feel like I'm getting back to finding a good balance, but it takes work Lol.  I have had to figure out what works for me and remove what doesn't (your program is helping me with being more aware of that as well).

As for what works for me...meditation (the Oprah app is awesome) and I have recently found acupuncture and hot yoga.  I'm someone who needs to actually do activities to quiet my brain and basically give my brain a rest and those three things do it for me.

When I want to feel energized and alive, dancing is what does it for me.  I am literally my happiest when I'm performing or even just dancing with friends.  It's so amazing.  Music is healing and dance allows you to express yourself in a way that also gets endorphins flowing.

Finally, I find that being around certain people (key word "certain) totally boosts my mood.  I have some amazing friends and their positive attitudes and carefree outlook on things helps me to see the world that way too.  I am now in a place where I just can't be around negative people or people who drain my energy.  My close friends do the opposite and I usually feel more alive around them.

I think there are so many things that you can do to date yourself.  Sometimes I also look through Groupon to find new "things to do" or things to try that will bring me some excitement and/or a sense of adventure.  I love learning and trying new things.