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My boss/CEO of my job referred to my boyfriend as a "Baby Daddy"

Okay, i cant discuss this with my co workers, so i figured this was the perfect place.

I have noticed judgement from this man (the CEO) since the moment i disclosed that i was pregnant two years ago, and the first thing out his mouth "Are you going to get married?"

Yes, this is the CEO of where i work. I have to have bi-weekly meetings with him that include him asking personal questions, and normally i'm an open book and DGAF, but this has gotten weirder and weirder each time. He asks about my personal finances, and gives unsolicited advice. I told him i would prefer to not discuss personal information and that was that. However, today the topic of time management came up and he asked me"Well what does baby daddy do to help out?"

Background: I am in love with my boyfriend, and were not perfect but we do a great job raising our daughter. We are not pressed to get married and honestly, we may not get married because i dont want to. I could careless about the piece of paper.


Am I wrong for being livid about this situation? Was he out of line? I did ask him to not refer to my boyfriend as a baby daddy, but i am still over here thinking about how i should have jumped over the table to throat punch Clearly i need to get rid of him! What would you do in the situation?

Hi Shana.  Seriously that comment is so disrespectful for so many reasons.  I would totally take offense too.  That comment was so not necessary! I just had to do a harassment training at my workplace and that comment would be seen as harassment and/or microaggression in my workplace and could be reported.  Can you report your boss to HR? Either way, you definitely need to set boundaries to protect your energy around this person.  He sounds like a total asshole and narcissist and if you can't leave your job yet, you should definitely avoid conversation with him and/or call him out when he's being a dick.  You could totally still do that in a professional way.  Good luck girl.

It’s unfortunate that anyone should question you about your marital status, much less someone who leads a company. It is marital status discrimination so no, I don’t think you are wrong to be upset. HR may be a hard path depending on whether they report to this man.

If it were me (I have zero fucks to give so maybe this would be too far) but I’d call him out. I’d tell him that his comments were downright disrespectful and it is absolutely disgusting that he feels so entitled to say them to you.

You may want to seek the advice of an attorney. I’m not sure about state laws in Maryland but you could potentially have a case against him for his actions.

You don’t have to get married and don’t let anyone make you feel like less of a person if you don’t. It is completely your business and your decision.

I hope that this guy can keep his mouth shut in the future but I’d be prepared just in case he doesn’t.