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New month- new challenges

Hey Ladies,

Its so nice to connect with you at the end of the week. I feel so motivated after each of our sessions and ready to look forward with a new week ahead.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to commit to something new this month.. and we can hold each other accountable. It doesn't have to be the same goal as anyone else, just maybe something small we are all personally wanting to do to improve our selves or our lives.

For example, this month my goal was to be more active (as that was something i desperately needed), and i signed up for the race to hold me accountable. Now that the month is over, i feel like i have developed a habit and im ready to develop a new one!

(they say it takes 30 days to make or break a habit, i think)

If anyone is interested, let me know. If not no worries. I haven't decided what i want to do yet, but i am going to post it here once i figure it out.



Hi Shana,

I agree that the group is so motivating and I'm loving getting to know everyone! I love this idea and I'm not totally sure what I want to commit to, but I'm all about the idea of doing something with others and working to hold each other accountable.  I wish we lived closer because I've always wanted to run a half-marathon.  I've only ever ran 5Ks.  I'm not a great runner, but I love a good race!  Let me know what you're thinking for this next month and I would love to join in with starting a new healthy habit.  Good luck with your race!

Yes! Sign me up! I, like Laura don't know exactly what I want to commit to yet, but I know I need to do some things for myself and this is a great way to start. I'll think on what I want to do but I AM IN!


I have to process, but I wanted to share that after talking with you ladies yesterday, I spoke to my brother for the first time in 2.5 years. I have been highly emotional tonight dealing with all my feelings is overwhelming but I think it was a huge step towards healing. Sundays with you all are my favorite!

Shana, I just realized what I wanted to do. I have been wanting to create a reading nook for myself. A place for me in my room where I spend an hour a day reading. When I was in the hospital I realized how much I missed reading and I want to make it a habit. Me time in my reading nook.

Laura- Remind me where you are located! I'm glad to be your accountability partner if you want to start running again! It would super cool to do a race somewhere outside of my state.. who knows maybe we can do one together!?!


Danni- I am so proud of you for taking that step. It sounds like it was something you needed to do to move forward and YOU DID IT! I  admire your strength. How are you feeling now? Also a reading nook sounds awesome! There are so many cute ideas on pinterest. Are you crafty? You could thrift and re-purpose furniture for it which sounds like fun too!


I decided that i wanted to focus on relationship building this month and showing gratitude. I'm an introvert and struggle to put energy in relationships with people who are distant (out of sight out of mind thing, its terrible) and i want to focus on letting the people i love know how important they are to me and to thank those who do so much for me.