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What are You most hoping to get out of GROAG?

What are You most hoping to get out of GROAG? We Kick off tomorrow and I am so excited! Please leave comments about what you are most excited for!

I’m hoping to get over things that happened in the past and remove negative thoughts and people from my life.

I have similar hopes, Danielle.  I have gone through a lot of trauma the past couple of years, and I am looking to continue moving forward in my life, stronger, and braver.  I also have held myself back by allowing what other people think of me to dictate an awful lot of my life.  Being more focused on other people's opinions then actually realizing who I am as a person.  And I have an awful habit of hanging on to people that I should let go of.  Accepting much less than just because I either care about someone deeply or because I want to help someone.  I am looking to be more positive, to be more focused on who I actually am and where it is that I want to go, and just being bolder and less afraid going forward.

P.S. I have a scheduling conflict next Sunday, and a sick kid today, so I think I am going to miss the first two calls, which has me super disappointed.  I am hoping you guys will help keep me caught up.  I am so excited to be doing this program!

I am hoping to learn how to turn off that voice of self doubt that is stopping me from achieving greatness. I want to become confident in myself and understand my worth. I am always in my own way and I cant wait to hopefully learn to fix that. I cant wait to get started!

Annie, We will get you video of the meetings...and thank you ladies for your transparency. I, too, have some things that I need to work through so I am glad to be on this journey with you. I look forward to supporting each other through this process.

I'm looking forward to being a better Mom to my kids.  Also hoping this helps me get rid of all the negative people/family I have in my life right now.  My fiance and I will be making a big step in the next month moving our family from Virginia to Florida and I'm so nervous and scared.  I've been in Virginia all my life and think this step will be good for us.  Thanks Danni for doing this program.   Also, I missed yesterday's call.  😭😭😭😭 One one the kiddos was sick, and we were at urgent care.  If I could find out how to review the call that would be great!

I'm so excited about this program. I am looking to feel "whole".  I want to feel present and free of anxiety and worry.  I have a lot of past hurt to work through and I constantly live in fear of the future.  I want to be able to trust myself and the universe and to feel like I don't need anyone to make me happy, but ME.  I constantly place my happiness on others and how they feel about me.  I'm so excited to be free of some of what's weighing me down!  🙂